Bathtub Paints

Noelle had a great time at her concert Monday night. I loved not having to bring in a big cello for once. The clarinet is much easier to keep safe too. I really do not like how late they have the concerts here though. I do not fully remember what time concerts started in Arizona but I know they were early enough that we would go out for ice cream afterwards. Noelle had to be at the school by 6:45pm but the concert did not start until 7:30. By the time it was over and we got home it was 10pm. At that point the kids wanted more food of course. Next Monday she has a choir concert. It starts at 7pm so I hope it ends earlier but with all they are doing it sounds like it won’t.

Yesterday afternoon we got a lot of chores done and the girls have been bugging me for awhile to make some paints so we made a batch of bath tub paints and Nicole and Neona played in the bath tub. I have mixed feelings on an 8 & 9 year old taking a bath together but bath tub painting is no fun to do alone. I guess if they are not uncomfortable taking baths together I should not think it is bad. I had stopped letting them take baths together mainly because of the mess they would make playing around together. They are really good about cleaning up the stuff they paint and it keeps them from splashing around and flooding the bathroom so I only let them take baths together when they paint.

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