Have Fun and Make Ooze


Summer is at the midway point and kids are starting to get antsy! This is when I need to find fun things to do at home to keep the girls busy and entertained. So I think today will be Ooze. The girls love playing with Ooze. I love that even if they get it on everything it will not be a gooey mess because it turns right back into a powder as it dries. I hope you will try this recipe out and have fun with it.



You will need

1 cup of dry cornstarch

large bowl or pan

food coloring (not required)

1/2 cup of water


1. Make sure you work on an easy to clean surface and easy to clean floor. This stuff can drip and get messy but you just have to wipe it with a damp cloth because it dries really fast and turns right back to powder.

2. Put the cornstarch into the bowl. Add a drop or two of food coloring. (Use whatever colors you like.) Add water slowly, mixing the cornstarch and water with your fingers until all the powder is wet.

3. Keep adding water until the Ooze feels like a liquid when you’re mixing it slowly. Then try tapping on the surface with your finger or a spoon.

When Ooze is just right, it won’t splash. It will feel solid.If your Ooze is too powdery, add a little more water. If it’s too wet, add more cornstarch. It will be hard to work with if you move too fast. You have to mix it slowly and trust that it really will work out.

It will start to dry out and turn back to powder after awhile so if you want to save it you should add some more water and put it in a ziplock.

Things to try

Pick up a handful and squeeze it. Stop squeezing and it will drip through your fingers.

Rest your fingers on the surface of the Ooze. Let them sink down to the bottom of the bowl. Then try to pull them out fast.

Take a blob and roll it between your hands to make a ball. Then stop rolling. The Ooze will trickle away between your fingers.

Put a small plastic toy on the surface. Does it stay there or does it sink?

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