Collapse of Distinction

Collapse of Distinction talks about how to stand out in a world of cookie cutter businesses. With the economy getting worse everyday, businesses need to be different to stay alive.

Look at what companies are closing down. Best Buy seems to be doing fine yet Circuit City is going out of business. We are in a world full of businesses that just copy each other. There is no longer enough business to go around so you want to stand out and keep your business.

This book brings up some great topics. Why would you want to be just like every one else? When customers do not see a difference in your business they also see no reason to just go to you.

I found this book to be a great resource. It is full of thought provoking topics and ideas. I would definitely recommend it.

I must also bring up the extras that come with the book…

This is the first “Nelson Free” book I have received from the Thomas Nelson publishing company. Nelson Free gives you a free audio version and a free ebook version when you purchase the book. You just go online and download the book you purchased. Talk about standing out and changing to meet demands. In a digital age this is a great move.

The book itself has an extra too. When you purchase the book you can log onto a website that goes along with the book. The website has more business information and you can share your story.

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