Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We have discussed some homemade Father’s Day gifts but now I have some shopping ideas. Here are a few gift ideas that men will love.

James loves his GPS in his vehicle. It has been so helpful. We have used it a lot lately. We can set in an address and just start driving. It tells us every turn and when we will get there. I love that if you find yourself off track because you missed a turn or a road is blocked it instantly adjusts. No more getting lost because you got off your planned route. I actually think I need to buy one for my vehicle very soon. I love his.

The next Father’s Day gift idea has to do with iPods. Originally we bought the big ones and loved the screens. Now we are finding ourselves going for the tiny shuffle. It is nice to have the big ones but the shuffle is so small it can go anywhere. We also love the iTrip. Long drives are much better when we can plug an iPod into the car.

Another Father’s day gift idea is a new digital camera. Digital cameras have changed a lot in recent years. They have gotten much smaller, much better, and much cheaper. Now is the time to get a new camera if you have not recently. We found ourselves fighting over who gotten the camera so we got another one. I always carry a camera so now James can too.

My last Father’s Day gift idea for today is a watch. There are some great watches out there. Men also tend to view watches as a status symbol and conversation piece. For this reason I think the new Seiko Men’s Arctura Kinetic Chronograph Watch has to be talked about. It is a bit pricey but if you can afford it any man would love it.

This line of watches will not ever need a battery replaced. It does not even have a battery. The Seiko Men’s Arctura Kinetic Chronograph Watch runs off of the kenetic energy that is produced from the arms natural movement. How cool is that? What man would not find this gadget ultra cool?

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2 Responses to “Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Imelda says:

    whatever gift is perfect. its the thought that counts. . .

  2. Blogger Rise says:

    Yes agree with imelda thought will count

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