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Everyday, I find people telling me all about their problems and asking my advice. While I pride myself in the fact that I give very good advice (if I do say so myself), I often wonder if “Tell me all your problems” is tattooed to my forehead.




Even perfect strangers will open up and tell me the intimate details of their life. Sometimes, I wish that I would have gone to school to be a psychologist when I was younger. At least then I would get paid to listen to people’s problems!

I have always wanted to add in advice or questions and answer posts but I kept telling myself that I was too busy to get it started. Now as I sit hours from home in a school lunch room bored out of my mind I have decided that now is the time. I have to sit here for hour waiting for a math competition to be over so I might as well get some work done!

As of right now, I do not have any kind of schedule planned. I will just answer emails that I receive as I have time. If it becomes popular, I will create a regular schedule for the posts.

I will be doing some posts that are answers to emails and some that are open questions to my readers. I have always loved The Book of Questions. It is a compilation of questions that no one ever asks. Questions that may be too uncomfortable to ask normally and questions that really make you think.

When I was in school, we would gather a group together for a night of questions and drinks. Your really get to know each other better when you ask questions that no one would normally ask. It promotes a real closeness and bonding experience.

I hope that you will enjoy our new post types!

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One Response to “Ask Melissa”

  1. Colleen says:

    Why does everyone just take a quick glance at me and dismiss me?

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