Weird Sports

Who wants to try Turkey Bowling or maybe some Speed Golf? This book is full of strange and funny sports. As soon as I was asked to review it, I knew my kids would love the book! The book was good for a ton of laughs and there were even a few games that they could try at home. Now my kids are trying to think up new crazy sports.



Weird Sports was written by Michael Teitelbaum. It is a collection of some the craziest sports that you will ever see. I love that it includes some great pictures too.

You can find everything from Extreme Unicycling to Lawnmower racing. Do you have a toilet just sitting around? You can turn it into a thing of speed and try Toilet Racing! Do you love watching sports but have trouble getting off the couch? You could try Bed Racing. All the thrill and excitement of sports with an added hint of laziness!

Along with the sports that anyone can try at home, there are also some that you would not want to ever try! Under no circumstance will I be trying Waterfall Kayaking or Arctic Marathoning. While Elephant Soccer sounds a little fun, I have no interest in being flattened by an elephant! I will leave those weird sports to the “pros”.

If you are a sports buff or just enjoy a good laugh this book is a must read. Our family loved it and so will yours!

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