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It is that time of year again. I think I spend more getting the kids ready to go back to school than I do at Christmas time. So far we have paid all of our school fees and bought each kid a new outfit and shoes. There is still a ton more shopping to do and I have already spent $400!

One of the biggest expenses parents face when getting ready for the new school year is glasses. Most kids do not like wearing glasses as it is, so they really want to make sure that they have the best looking pair. Glasses can cost a ton of money though.

I still remember the day my oldest found a pair that she loved and was really excited about but they cost $200. I really did not want to spend that much money but I wanted her to feel good about herself. James finally convinced me to just let her get them. We did insist that she keep her old pair for when she was at home and playing around though. I did not want the expensive pair ruined.

Zenni Optical allows you to find glasses that will look good with the hot new fashion trends and will save you a ton of money. They have a website with a great selection of quality stylish glasses but you save money by ordering them directly from them. Whether you want to find new glasses or just want a second back up pair you can save money on prescription glasses by shopping at Zenni Optical.

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