Sprint Total Equipment Protection App

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This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

It seems like I am constantly hearing people talk about problems with their cell phones. For as helpful as they are supposed to be, they sure can give you a lot of stress when something goes wrong. Every day phones get lost, stolen, and even fall to their deaths. I think my oldest drops her phone at least 10 times a day!


How many times have you lost your phone and started to stress out about how you will ever get all of those contacts back? Even worse, what if someone else has it? They get all of your contacts, info, and your pictures! OH NO!!! I know what kind of pictures some of you have on your phones!

I have also had many friends that made the sad discovery that most cell phone warranties do not cover damage from water. Those sneaky little phones even have little water sensors inside of them so they can tattle on you when you try to get them replaced.

There is now a Sprint Total Equipment Protection App for Sprint customers that can get rid of all of that stress! This really is “Total Equipment Protection”. Whether you can’t find your phone, it gets stolen, and it is even there for you if you decide to take a midnight swim and forget that you still have your phone in your pocket.

I love the GPS tracker and audible alarm features of this app. That will really help in finding all of those lost phones. You can also do a remote lock on your phone and restore your contacts if your phone gets stolen. This app runs at $8 a month but if your phone has your whole life on it like most people today that is not a bad price at all.

The Sprint Total Equipment Protection App is only available for 30 days after you purchase a new Sprint phone but because it is a new app there is an open enrollment period going on until August 30th. If you are a Sprint customer you need to hurry and check out this app before the open enrollment period ends!

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