Light Up The Night with FyrFlyz!

Have you seen these awesome toys yet? We were recently asked to check out the hot new toy, FyrFlyz. As soon as our package arrived my girls were begging to play with them. They played with them for a bit inside so they could get used to how they worked, but they are much more spectacular when you play with  them outside at night!

My girls were kept busy for hours trying to figure out new tricks and I loved that they were outdoors and having fun! This toy will really get the kids moving around and having a great time. At under $10 each, I am sure that it will also become a big hit at sleepovers.

FyrFlyz come in three different color choices so your kids can pick their favorite colors. There is a red & white, green & white, and a blue & multicolor. They are easy to use but you will keep discovering new tricks everyday. FyrFlyz make it possible to create your own one of a kind amazing light show with different ring and star shapes.

Check out the fun video we made with our FyrFlyz!!!

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3 Responses to “Light Up The Night with FyrFlyz!”

  1. i would like this so would my boys can’t wait to get it.

  2. Mary Kate says:

    Love these! Have to run out and buy they for my grandbaby bears :-)

  3. Ingrid says:

    Light up toys are so much fun, even for adults! Kids just love them!

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