Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

Is dinner time as crazy at your house as it is at ours? The day flies by way too fast. Once we are done with all of our work it is time to help the kids with homework and get some chores done around the house. It seems like dinner is later and later everyday.

To make things less crazy, I spend the weekends making huge meals that contain ingredients that can be made into other things during the week. I usually have enough meat cooked to get through the week. I really love thinking up fun ways to make leftovers new again!

When you are trying to create a delicious meal that everyone will love Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers can be a great help. My kids love the Macaroni and Cheese Sauce with Broccoli and the Pasta and Vegetables with Alfredo Sauce. I love that the kids get more vegetables and it is easy enough that the kids can help with dinner so I can get more accomplished.

One lucky reader will receive a Green Giant prize pack. The prize pack contains 2 Green Giant placemats, Broccoli stress reliever, 32 oz. serving bowl, surprise face serving spoon, and a VIP coupon for the new Valley Fresh Steamers with Pasta.

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24 Responses to “Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers”

  1. Meghan says:

    It’s a struggle but I usually hide it or get veggie juice & give it that way.

  2. Deb says:

    Steamers are one of our favorite sides! We generally eat this product twice a week – my family loves the variety offered by Green Giant!

  3. Patty White says:

    I got them liking veggies when they were babies and didn’t stop giving it to the when they switched to solids so they have always eaten them with no problem.

  4. Jennifer Boyte says:

    I have always found that the airplane method works well…or the ‘big and strong’ method.

  5. Michael says:

    Make sure they taste good. If i wouldn’t eat them how should i expect my kids too.

  6. Michelle Hayden says:

    I’m lucky, I guess. My daughter always liked veggies. My son, on the other hand, would only eat veggies if they had cheese sauce or dip on them. Now that he’s older, he loves vegetables without all the goo on top :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Krista U. says:

    I don’t have any children, and don’t plan on it either. I have rabbits instead and they like their veggies just fine!

  8. Heather Avery says:

    I started feeding my daughter vegetables from the time she was old enough to eat them and continued to serve them as tho they were the best food on earth and naturally she ate them and at 10 yrs old STILL loves them.
    FYI, she did not have her first pc of candy till she was about 3 or 4!

  9. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I’m very lucky. My kids have always loved their veggies.

  10. Giant Sis says:

    No kids, but to get my husband to eat veggies, I mix them in with things he likes so hopefully he’ll eat some!

  11. cheri says:

    Love Love them steamers!!!!!!!!

  12. Janet F says:

    My children are grown but I add Butter Spray to my vegetables.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I try to put extra in casserols, sneaky!

  14. salwa says:

    my daughter learn to eat from 5 months i always make for her Vegetable soup, boiled and blended now she is 1 years and 7 months she like to eat cucumber Lettuce Carrot and more. you have to learn u child to eat them when they still in months and eat with them if child can not see u eat vegetable how will learn

  15. Megan S says:

    I make a big deal of how great they taste and mix in little chopped pieces in meals.

  16. Anastacia says:

    always liked my veggies & went vegetarian at 18 & vegan at 21! now I’m back to being just a vegetarian.

  17. Sarah Walker says:

    I get them to eat veggies by offering them rewards if they do

    Sarah Walker

  18. Jessica T. says:

    I get my son to eat veggies by letting him dip them in ketchup or ranch dressing.

  19. Julie Laws says:

    I have no problem because they love vegetables thanks

  20. Niko O. says:

    By showing them how much you like them yourself! :)

  21. dorothy says:

    Start young and never stop.

  22. natasha h says:

    I cook squash into pancakes, otherwise it is a typical battle

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