Moon Dough Ocean Pals

There are so many really cool toys out there for kids these days! My favorites are the ones that help kids get creative. Yesterday we received the Moon Dough Ocean Pals set to review. It is full of fun and creativity! Kids can play on a reusable ocean mat and create their own ocean scene using Moon Dough and the Push and Pop Tools that are included. They can create an amazing underwater land and you don’t have to clean a nasty fish tank!

Moon dough is recommended for ages 3 and up and has an all new dough formula. It is still no mess and never dries out but now it is easier to mold into fun creations. Moon Dough has bright vibrant colors and is hypoallergenic and wheat free. This means that even kids with the most sensitive skin and those with wheat allergies can still have fun and not worry about irritation.

Moon Dough has a set for every imagination. There is the Ocean Pals set that we received and there are also sets like a Breakfast, Grocery Store, Snack Shop, Magic Zoo, and Ice Cream. There really is a set to spark fun and creativity in every child. If you are looking for a last minute gift or something to get while after Christmas shopping with all of those gifts of money, Moon Dough is worth looking at.

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