Neighborhood Toy Store Day

National Toy Store Day

The 3rd annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day is this coming Saturday, November 10th! I really hope everyone makes a point to get out there and check out your local toy store. I don’t know about you but I find something magical about small local toy stores. They always carry the most creative and fun toys! Big box stores are good for large amounts of whatever the hot toy of the season is but my kids were never into those.

My kids liked the out of the ordinary and creative toys. When my girls were little we had a small local toy store near us that specialized in educational toys and it was our favorite place to shop. My girls knew that a trip there meant that we would leave with a huge bag of fun things to do. Some of my kids favorites were kits that taught you how to knit, make soap, make sand art, and create your own perfume. They loved the butterfly garden so much that we had to keep buying more so they could watch butterflies emerge from their cocoons over and over again. You just can’t find the same kinds of toys in a bog box store.

Shopping at locally-owned businesses is so important for our communities. Big box stores send their money back to corporate offices and who knows where else. When you spend money at a local business a large portion of that money stays right there in the community where it belongs. Instead of paying for a new corporate jet you are helping a local family provide for their kids.

If you are unsure about local toy stores that are participating in the Neighborhood Toy Store Day you can check out and find an American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) member near you. Share the love and joy this holiday season by shopping local!

In celebration of National Toy Store Day, I was sent some great toys as an example of the awesome toys that can be found at local specialty toy stores. Being part of Team Mom means that I get some really hot new products to try and this time was no different. My kids LOVED them!

Tenzi Game

As soon as I opened the box my kids grabbed for the Tenzi game and wanted to play right away. They loved the fun and fast paced game. It is one of those games that puts everyone on a level playing field so even my youngest could have fun and not feel at a disadvantage. It also keeps getting played which is big! I have a closet full of games that the kids stopped liking after a few times.

LoopDeDooThe second toy I was sent is so much more than a mere toy! My kids have always loved making friendship bracelets and creating different designs. They were very excited to see that the LoopDeDoo would allow them to make friendship bracelets that look like they payed a lot for them at a store. There are so many awesome looking designs and they are super easy to make. The LoopDeDoo comes with a complete instruction book and even a DVD so there is no guess work when you are learning. My favorite parts are that it comes with everything you need to get started right away and it stores it all inside so there is no mess!


Don’t forget that the 3rd annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day is this coming Saturday, November 10th so get out there are find some awesome toys!

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