Are your favorite companies marketing on Twitter?

Engage Customers On TwitterAre companies using Twitter to it’s full potential? Most companies do not understand how to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Twitter is full of people that want to talk about what they just bought, where they just went, and if they had a good or bad experience. There are just as many people that want to hear all about it. So why aren’t more companies becoming active on Twitter?

There are a few companies that truly amaze me by how much they pay attention to Twitter. My cable company is a Twitter pro! I do not call their 800 number anymore because I know that if I tweet out anything about them I will get a response within 15 minutes and they will fix the problem right away. Once they even sent out a tech on a Sunday! They do not just respond to complaints though, they do a lot of social media marketing too.

There are also many huge companies that create Twitter accounts but they only tweet about 4 times a year and never respond to anyone. The maker of my old laptop responded to my Twitter complaint a week after I tweeted that they would not honor the manufacturer warranty. I did however get many tweets from other angry customers. Finally, I got a call from a PR rep a full month later saying that they wanted to help me. By then I had purchased a new laptop from a different manufacturer so I just gave that one to my kids. Honestly, they are ranked as one of the best laptops available but no one realizes it because they do not know how to engage the public and market their products.

Responding to Twitter complaints is huge but companies can not stop people from complaining. They can however use Twitter to help promote their company. Word of mouth advertising is huge right now. Social media outlets like Twitter have given us the ability to see other people’s opinions on everything and the world is listening. Smart companies are active online and the rest will get left in the dust.

StrongMail surveyed companies and found that 92% of companies plan to increase or maintain their marketing spending next year, 60% of those said that they will increase spending on email marketing and 55% plan to increase spending on social media marketing. I hope this means that companies are finally getting it!


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