My Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy

I finally bit the bullet and bought a new car! I have been driving a Ford Expedition XLT Eddie Bauer 4×4 with 3rd row seating for 4 years. Yes, I did list everything! I really wanted you to get the full idea of how much gas I was going through!!! Now that I am driving 30 miles every day just to get to the office and back plus driving around to show houses…. It was costing me $500-$600 a month in gas!!!

When I looked at the numbers I realized that if I wanted to spend that much money I would rather spend it on a newer car at least! Plus add on that it would look cooler to clients! :)

So we headed out to the car lots in the search of that mythical vehicle that would make me happy. I had soooo many things on the list of wants that I did not think it was going to happen. I wanted 4×4 or AWD yet still be good on gas, enough room for my clients and open house signs, the ability to see out of it (I am under 5 foot tall so that really is an issue), and of course it had to be pretty! Now do you see why I said mythical?

I looked at small SUVs but the ones I saw were either not 4×4, not good on gas, or looked cheap inside. Then I was shown a crossover and I was just about to buy it when I realized that the salesmen must have forgotten my insistance on 4×4 or AWD because he brought me a front wheel drive. I do way too much driving on busy highways and country roads and Madison, WI gets quite a bit of snow!!!

Over and over people kept telling me that what I wanted was a Subaru. I assured them that they were wrong and I would not be buying a Subaru! I was actually getting sick of people saying it because it kept happening. When I thought of Subaru I pictured a hippy… and that was not me!

After I caught that the salesman had brought me a front wheel drive and was about to leave he raced back to me with a hot looking sporty car that looked like nothing I would ever buy. I would look at it and think it looked hot but I would never buy it. I am a mother! I need more room! I need to be sensible!

…and then it happened

The salesman got me in the car for a test drive… It WAS a hot car! It had enough room when you think about the fact that my kids are teenagers and we seldom ever need everyone in a vehicle at once. The kids actually said, “Wow, it is bigger on the inside… just like the Tardis!”  The trunk is big enough to hide maybe 3 bodies! :) Did I mention what a hot car it is!?! Oh yeah, and it is AWD.

Well, I got it last night and so far, I am in love!!!

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