Bathtub Paints

I can not tell you how many times parents have asked me what they can do to get their kids in the bath without it becoming a big battle. When my girls were little I would make it a fun and relaxing time for them. We had bath toys and games they would play with but their favorite bath time fun was when I would make them Bathtub Paints. What could be more fun then finger paints made out of soap in a place that is easy to clean up?

Bathtub Paints


Mild liquid soap or baby shampoo
Food coloring
plastic containers


Pour 1/3 cup liquid soap into a plastic container
Add 1 to 2 tablespoons cornstarch and drops of food coloring.
Stir until mixture is dissolved.

Repeat with more containers for different colors.
You can make larger batches and save in airtight containers.

Now you can send your little artists for a bath so they can have fun and make some art and memories they can call their own.

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10 Responses to “Bathtub Paints”

  1. Love, love, love this idea! I may have to tweet it out to my young mom followers! Wish I would have had this idea when my kids were little!

  2. We love painting in the tub!! Yep, I said we!:) My little guy always gave me a hard time when it came to baths but when we implemented painting in the tub he couldn’t wait to take a bath!! And now that you shared your recipe to make bathtub paints…we will have to make some together…love this! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  3. Kim Garst says:

    This is an awesome idea!

  4. Michelle says:

    I had no idea that I could make bathtub paints at home! This may be just the ticket for getting my three-year-old to tolerate baths. Thanks! :D

  5. Anta says:

    Great recipe….when my kids were little they loved bathtub paint:) I will pass this on to folks with young children. Thanks!

  6. What a great idea! Will use this when my grandchildren come for a visit – FUN! (-_-) Thanks. Norma Doiron

  7. Marie says:

    My kids LOVED bathtub paints when they were little. I bet they’d still love them if they weren’t always in a hurry. It was always such a great way to keep them happy AND get them clean at the same time.

  8. Kelly says:

    I don’t have a little one anymore, but I can tell you if I did, I would have never been able to get her out of the tub! What a great idea!

    BTW: I love what you have done what your site! You made a lot of changes from last week, yes? Nice job!

  9. Oh, that is so cool!! I have seen bathtub paints, but they were not in my budget at the time, and Wow! wish I had this recipe, I may even still make them just for fun. Thanks for sharing. Great idea! In our house we have the opposite problem, no one wants to get out of the tub!! :)

  10. Jennifer says:

    Love the recipe because it allows you to use soap that has environmentally friendly/kid friendly ingredients in it. My kids love bath time, it’s hard to get them out of the tub, so anything that can be done in the tub thrills them. I always veto the paints and bubbles they want to buy because I don’t like what’s in them. Now I can surprise them with some homemade fun, thanks!

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