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Bathtub Paints

I can not tell you how many times parents have asked me what they can do to get their kids in the bath without it becoming a big battle. When my girls were little I would make it a fun and relaxing time for them. We had bath toys and games they would play with [...]

Shopping With Kids

I wanted to start our advice posts with the question I get asked the most. How do you handle shopping with young kids? I never had much trouble until my 3rd child was born. Then I had three girls within 4 years. Shopping became very hectic and like every other mother I was faced with [...]

Ask Melissa

Everyday, I find people telling me all about their problems and asking my advice. While I pride myself in the fact that I give very good advice (if I do say so myself), I often wonder if “Tell me all your problems” is tattooed to my forehead.      

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