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Window Paints

Well the thunderstorms started last night and it is supposed to be storming off and on for a day and a half. This means bored and grumpy kids. My kids hate being stuck inside and seeing how dark and gloomy it is outside does not help. I thought that today might be a perfect day [...]

Bathtub Paints

I can not tell you how many times parents have asked me what they can do to get their kids in the bath without it becoming a big battle. When my girls were little I would make it a fun and relaxing time for them. We had bath toys and games they would play with [...]

Make Your Own Chalk

Spring really is here. Everything is turning green and flowers are in bloom. It is so beautiful outside. The kids want to spend time outside so it is time for an outside craft. Why not have fun making your own chalk? They can have fun and be creative. I do not think kids ever get [...]

Bubble Blowing Solution

Summer vacation has begun so we are all looking for more outdoor activities for our kids. An all time favorite among kids is blowing bubbles. Parents can often get frustrated though because they run out so fast or get spilled. So here is my recipe to make your own bubble blowing solution Making your own [...]

Get Outside and Play

It is way too nice outside to be sitting indoors. It is time to get out there and have some fun. Once it gets warm out we spend a lot of time outside playing together. Here are some activities that require things you usually have around the house. BALLOON or BEACH BALL VOLLEYBALL Everyone turns [...]

Experiment with Static Electricity

Winter is the time of year for a lot of static so what could be a better time to have a static electricity experiment. Kids always get a kick out of it when they touch something and get a shock. This experiment will be fun and educational. **Materials scissors Styrofoam tray from your supermarket (ask [...]

Make Your Own Window Clings

Window clings are loved by kids during the holidays. What about the rest of the year though? These window clings can be used all year long and be as beautiful as stained glass. All you need is a picture and the ability to color between the lines. Kids can make things from their favorite coloring [...]

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

I am a proud Mommy yet again. All of my websites started because my kids came home from school telling me that almost all of their friends had no idea how to make friendship bracelets. My girls LOVE making them. It is one of those relaxing things you can do while going on a long [...]


We have a winner in the Fun Family Ideas category! Ryan Simonsen and his family have been geocaching for years in Wisconsin. I knew Ryan and Sheila back when we were young but lost contact with them during the years that we lived in Arizona. I am very glad that Ryan sent this entry to [...]

Have Fun and Make Ooze

  Summer is at the midway point and kids are starting to get antsy! This is when I need to find fun things to do at home to keep the girls busy and entertained. So I think today will be Ooze. The girls love playing with Ooze. I love that even if they get it [...]

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