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Russian Tea Cakes

These cookies are another holiday tradition in our house. They are also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes. The girls love making the balls and they also love rolling them in the powdered sugar afterward. Yes, it can become a mess of powdered sugar when kids help but the smiles on their faces make the mess [...]

3D Paper Snowflake

Neona made these one year at school and I thought they were so cool. I would have never thought of this one on my own. I think they look much nicer than the regular paper snowflakes. All you need is a regular sheet of printer paper, scissors, and a stapler. Take the sheet of paper [...]

Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel is an acquired taste but once you get the taste you love it. The girls and I love them in many forms. Sometimes we make them soft and chewier. Sometimes we make them crunchy. Once in awhile we go all out and dip them in chocolate afterward. They are super yummy, they [...]

Creamer Bottle Snowman

Many years ago one of my girls made these creamer bottle snowmen at school. As soon as the other two saw it they wanted to make some too. Since then it has become a tradition. They look forward to it each year. I think part of what they look forward to is buying the creamer [...]


Every year about half way through dipping all the peanut butter balls in chocolate I swear that I will never make Buckeyes again. This is the one Christmas treat that no one wants to help make but everyone loves to eat. I actually tried telling the family that I will not be making Buckeyes this [...]

Candy Cane Cookies

One of our favorite family traditions during the holidays is making Candy Cane Cookies. I used to make these with my mom when I was young so it is nice to now make them with my girls. We tend to alter this recipe by using crushed candy canes instead of the peppermint extract. You can [...]

English Toffee

Yummm, are you hungry yet? I can not wait to make the toffee this year. James’ grandma used to make English Toffee every Christmas. She would make tons of it. We would always save cookie tins for her because we knew that she would give out as much toffee as she had tins to put [...]

Marshmallow Snowmen

How cute are these things? This is a great project for a cold snowy day just like today. Marshmallow snowmen can be made with just about anything you have on hand. Arms can be made out of things like chow mein noodles or pretzels. I think we have plenty of things left in the cupboards [...]

Cinnamon Ornaments

It is time to start getting ready for Christmas! These cute and wonderfully smelling ornaments are a great addition to holiday crafting and decorating. They are simple to make and kids love them. They also add a great homemade touch to gifts if you use one or two to decorate a wrapped present. FRAGRANT CINNAMON [...]

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