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French Onion Soup

A couple weekends ago James and I went out for my friend Linda’s birthday. Three people in our group proclaimed that they HAD to have French Onion Soup every time they went to a restaurant that had it. I decided to make some myself. Here is my recipe… Ingredients 8 onions, sliced 2 cloves garlic, [...]

Pigs In A Blanket

The Super Bowl is looked forward to by many people each year. When people think of the Super Bowl they always think of food too. The day is usually full of snack foods and big meals. It can often end up more like a holiday with all of the cooking and eating involved. I find [...]

Taco Dip

Since the Super Bowl is coming up I figured I would share with you an old recipe of mine. This taco dip is perfect for parties or any other excuse to have snacks. It also is a no meat taco dip for people that eat dairy but avoid red meat. The recipe can be made [...]

Turkey Pot Pie

Okay, here is another recipe to use up your turkey leftovers just like I promised. This is another big favorite in my house. Everyone is happy when I make a pot pie. I seldom make just a small one in a pie pan I usually make more pie crust and make a big one in [...]

Turkey Asparagus Bake

Okay, I promised you more Thanksgiving leftover recipes so here is another one. This one is possibly my favorite one. Do not forget to keep checking for more. The Sauce 6 tablespoons butter 1 onion diced 6 tablespoons flour 1 cup turkey broth 2 cups milk 5 tablespoons Dijon mustard In a medium sauce pan [...]

Thanksgiving Casserole

I love Thanksgiving but I love the leftovers more. For years I have been coming up with new ways to use the leftovers. I decided that for the next couple of posts I will do some of my leftover recipes. The first day after Thanksgiving there are the most leftovers so I do a kind [...]

How Do You Turkey?

Turkey day is getting closer and closer. I can not wait to eat me some turkey. We still are not too sure what we will be doing that day but I know we will be making a turkey even if we do not have Thanksgiving here. Moving all the time means that we never really [...]

Hot Wing Salad

I have been eating what seems like nonstop chicken. I think I have gotten stuck in a rut. I normally love chicken because you can make so many things with it. There are so many different spices and sauces that you can use too. I do have to be careful though because a lot of [...]

Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

It keeps getting colder everyday. This also means that I am drinking more and more coffee everyday. Now add on that I have not been eating flour… I really, really want to make my biscotti but I should not. So instead I will give you my recipe and just drool at the picture. I can [...]

Pistachio Torte

This recipe always reminds me of my mom. This is one of the things that she would bring to gatherings. Everyone always loved it and it is a cool and refreshing dessert on hot days. After making it the first time I realized why she only made it for gatherings. I think I would eat [...]

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