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Easy Oatmeal Soap Recipe

I wanted to share with you my easy recipe for making your own oatmeal soap. This would be another great homemade Father’s Day gift. Oatmeal Soap has a beautiful rustic look and it is a great exfoliant. You may remember this soap mentioned in the Family Fun with Microwaves post. That is because my secret [...]

Make Your own Bath Salts

Father’s Day is coming up so I wanted to start doing some Father’s Day gift ideas. Modern day men are more into pampering themselves so I wanted to share my bath salt recipe. James loves taking bathes with bath salts. Bath salts can get expensive and you can easily make your own. Gifts are better [...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We have discussed some homemade Father’s Day gifts but now I have some shopping ideas. Here are a few gift ideas that men will love. James loves his GPS in his vehicle. It has been so helpful. We have used it a lot lately. We can set in an address and just start driving. It [...]

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