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Make Your Own Chalk

Spring really is here. Everything is turning green and flowers are in bloom. It is so beautiful outside. The kids want to spend time outside so it is time for an outside craft. Why not have fun making your own chalk? They can have fun and be creative. I do not think kids ever get [...]

Craft Stick Bread Basket

Here is a cute little project for kids. This cute little craft stick basket can be easily made by kids. It could even be used as a bread basket on the table this Thanksgiving. Your kids will love showing off their basket at dinner time. All you need is craft sticks and glue. For a [...]

Easy Oatmeal Soap Recipe

I wanted to share with you my easy recipe for making your own oatmeal soap. This would be another great homemade Father’s Day gift. Oatmeal Soap has a beautiful rustic look and it is a great exfoliant. You may remember this soap mentioned in the Family Fun with Microwaves post. That is because my secret [...]

Make Your own Bath Salts

Father’s Day is coming up so I wanted to start doing some Father’s Day gift ideas. Modern day men are more into pampering themselves so I wanted to share my bath salt recipe. James loves taking bathes with bath salts. Bath salts can get expensive and you can easily make your own. Gifts are better [...]

Blarney Stone Craft

St Patrick’s Day is coming fast. You can tell the story of the Blarney Stone and make a cute craft too. So what is this craft? Well, it is up to you. A rock is a blank canvas. You just need to find a nice smooth rock and clean it. Ideas… Blarney Stone – Paint [...]

Flower Pens

These flower pens look great and make great gifts. Years ago the girls made these at their grandma’s church. That time they were made as a Mother’s Day gift. These cute pens would make great Valentine’s gifts too though. They are perfect on their own or give a few of them in a cute pot. [...]

Wine Glass Charms

So Christmas is getting closer everyday and you are trying to think of some last minute cheap gifts and decorating ideas. Wine glass charms are a cheap and easy craft. They are also a great homemade gift, just be sure to make some for yourself too. They will dress up any gathering and add a [...]

Faux Tie Dye

We have instructions for many types of Tie Dye on the main website but the one that gets the most attention is the Faux Tie Dye. You can make Faux Tie Dye with younger kids and there is less chance for things getting ruined. It is not the real thing but it is still pretty [...]

Make Your Own Window Clings

Window clings are loved by kids during the holidays. What about the rest of the year though? These window clings can be used all year long and be as beautiful as stained glass. All you need is a picture and the ability to color between the lines. Kids can make things from their favorite coloring [...]

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

I am a proud Mommy yet again. All of my websites started because my kids came home from school telling me that almost all of their friends had no idea how to make friendship bracelets. My girls LOVE making them. It is one of those relaxing things you can do while going on a long [...]

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