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Wet Ones Healthy Hand Zone with Bill Nye

Did you know that Wet Ones has Antibacterial Hand Wipes? They are just as effective at killing 99.9% of germs as hand sanitizer but they can also clean up messes and dirty kids! Wet Ones teamed up with Bill Nye The Science Guy when they launched Wet Ones Healthy Hands Zone on their website. You [...]

Easy Oatmeal Soap Recipe

I wanted to share with you my easy recipe for making your own oatmeal soap. This would be another great homemade Father’s Day gift. Oatmeal Soap has a beautiful rustic look and it is a great exfoliant. You may remember this soap mentioned in the Family Fun with Microwaves post. That is because my secret [...]

Rainbow Science

When we think of the luck of the Irish and St Patrick’s Day rainbows always come to mind. Here is a neat rainbow science experiment. YOU WILL NEED Wide-mouthed, smooth, circular glass jar orlarge plain drinking glass filled with waterSmall mirrorFlashlight HERE’S HOW 1. Place the mirror inside the water-filled jar. Tilt themirror slightly upward. [...]

Experiment with Static Electricity

Winter is the time of year for a lot of static so what could be a better time to have a static electricity experiment. Kids always get a kick out of it when they touch something and get a shock. This experiment will be fun and educational. **Materials scissors Styrofoam tray from your supermarket (ask [...]

Have Fun and Make Ooze

  Summer is at the midway point and kids are starting to get antsy! This is when I need to find fun things to do at home to keep the girls busy and entertained. So I think today will be Ooze. The girls love playing with Ooze. I love that even if they get it [...]

Rubber Egg Experiment

Today is our first day of summer break! I am loving it so far. We are busy doing a whole bunch of nothing today. I wanted a nice long day of laziness. Maybe tomorrow we will do something productive. We have relatives coming to visit over the weekend so we should do a good scrub [...]

Family Fun with Microwaves

As I sat here today thinking about what to write about James called and asked me to fax him a grocery list. The girls and I started to check what we needed and soap was on the list. This is when Neona asked if we could microwave some Ivory soap this week and make some [...]

Microwaved Ivory Soap

Yesterday the girls wanted to try a new experiment so we microwaved Ivory soap so I added it to the website. The kids really thought it was cool. Heck, I did too. LOL At any rate I really need to get going on some laundry and I should probably feed these kids some lunch. LOL

Tower of Ice

The kids have no school this week. They have off for conferences the first three days and then the end of the week is Thanksgiving break. It worked out really nice. This way they get a week off so families can go somewhere for the holiday. This family however will not be going any where. [...]

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