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Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl

I love the new Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl and it is not just because I am a Soft Scrub Club Captain! Today it proved to me once again how wonderful it is. I really love this stuff! Today was just a half day at school and while we think that should mean a [...]

No Time For Housework

There has been a lot of talk about getting housework done in the communities I visit lately. #1 – I would say GET OFF THE COMPUTER! Okay I am obviously just kidding because I spend way too much time online and I would hate it if my readers spent less time online and did not [...]

Daily Chores

I do not think any one way of organizing chores works for everyone. We have gone through many ways of organizing chores. We keep changing as I learn what works with my kids. I will begin by saying that I do not pay my kids for doing chores. James has been known to give them [...]

Red Wine Spills

The holidays are coming and along with the holidays come holiday stains. Every year we bring out our nice table linens and then come the spills. What are some of your worst spills and how do you beat the stains? One of my favorites is how to stop red wine from staining linen or carpets. [...]

Easy Oatmeal Soap Recipe

I wanted to share with you my easy recipe for making your own oatmeal soap. This would be another great homemade Father’s Day gift. Oatmeal Soap has a beautiful rustic look and it is a great exfoliant. You may remember this soap mentioned in the Family Fun with Microwaves post. That is because my secret [...]

Make Your own Bath Salts

Father’s Day is coming up so I wanted to start doing some Father’s Day gift ideas. Modern day men are more into pampering themselves so I wanted to share my bath salt recipe. James loves taking bathes with bath salts. Bath salts can get expensive and you can easily make your own. Gifts are better [...]

Tips For Green Cleaning

People are talking about going green all the time. Some people are doing it to save the planet. Some people are doing it to live healthier lives. Some people are doing it because studies are now showing how the chemicals we use in our homes can affect not only our health but our kids behavior [...]

How To Get Rid Of Bugs

We have been very busy out in the yard lately. Since we moved here in January we have found that clean up after winter and summer storms can be very time consuming. The yard has many trees and a few of them like to drop branches every chance they get. The trees in the front [...]

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