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Bathtub Paints

I can not tell you how many times parents have asked me what they can do to get their kids in the bath without it becoming a big battle. When my girls were little I would make it a fun and relaxing time for them. We had bath toys and games they would play with [...]

Encourage Big Kid Skills

As children grow they go through many stages. Many of these stages drive us crazy! One of these stages that many children go through is a regression back into the baby stage. Just as your baby starts to turn into a big kid they claim that they can no longer do all of the things [...]

End The Whining Fast

When my kids were little I had a simple rule. You can whine all you want but you have to do it in your own room. I think the normal no whining rule is not healthy. It tells kids that they can not get upset. You want your child to learn when it is okay [...]

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