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Mega Bloks Construction Site

We all know how much kids love big trucks and watching construction work, so the Mega Bloks Construction Site is perfect for the imaginative child. The best part is that kids don’t just play with the construction set, they can build the vehicles themselves! Kids can build 3 construction vehicles: Construction 4×4 Truck, Track Loader [...]

Moon Dough Ocean Pals

There are so many really cool toys out there for kids these days! My favorites are the ones that help kids get creative. Yesterday we received the Moon Dough Ocean Pals set to review. It is full of fun and creativity! Kids can play on a reusable ocean mat and create their own ocean scene [...]

Halloween Smiley Cookies

We were recently sent some Halloween cookies to review from Smiley Cookie. They are soooo cute! As soon as they arrived my girls wanted to dig in but I made them wait until the party they had planned with some friends. The cookies are rather large so one per child was all they needed.

Light Up The Night with FyrFlyz!

Have you seen these awesome toys yet? We were recently asked to check out the hot new toy, FyrFlyz. As soon as our package arrived my girls were begging to play with them. They played with them for a bit inside so they could get used to how they worked, but they are much more [...]

Back To School with Wet Ones Antibacterial

My girls are going back to school next Thursday and the last minute shopping has begun! I think back to school shopping costs me more than the entire Christmas season. This time of year the stores are full of parents shopping for school supplies, backpacks, and new clothes. There are a few things that parents [...]

Denizen Jeans by Levi’s

What do jeans mean to you? Comfort, relaxed, versatile, or maybe tough and rugged.  Jeans are an essential part of life.  They go with anything. I think everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfectly and you will wear them for as long as possible even if they get a few holes in [...]

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

If your family is anything like mine you have a house full of lotion. There are 5 of us (4 of which are females) so everyone has their own favorite lotion. James needs one that does not make him smell like a woman. I need one that really moisturizes because no matter how young I [...]

Review –

Summer is coming and so is wedding season. I love weddings but I hate figuring out what I will wear. It is so much easier for men. Their clothes never go out of style and they can wear the same clothes over and over yet no one cares!    

Baseball Stats Software

Spring is here so it is time to play ball! There is not too much to do in our little town so we get a very good turn out at our high school sporting events. The games become a nice place for locals to unwind and catch up on what is going on in the [...]

Hair Flairs – as seen on Oprah Winfrey

Unless you have been under a rock, you know that sparkle is hot right now! Women love to stand out and shine so products that sparkle are popping up everywhere. Adding a little sparkle to your hair can give you a surprising pop of glamour. There are a lot of cheap hair products out there. [...]

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