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Pinecone Turkey Placecards

Remember being in school and making pinecone turkeys? They are still a great craft for kids to make at Thanksgiving time. They are cheap to make and kids get to have fun and be creative. I think that I would still have fun making them. You can make some as decorations or you can make [...]

Thankful Tree

Making a Thankful Tree could become a wonderful family tradition that your family will love for years. It is a wonderful project that keeps kids giving thanks all November long. This Thankful Tree is made using a branch and regular paper. The paper is cut into leaf shapes and then painted. You can make your [...]

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is over and you still have a ton of leftovers. That is the problem many families have this time of year. Everyone loves the Thanksgiving dinner and most people like the sandwiches later in the night. Once it gets to the next day people tend to have no interest in the leftovers. My family [...]

Craft Stick Bread Basket

Here is a cute little project for kids. This cute little craft stick basket can be easily made by kids. It could even be used as a bread basket on the table this Thanksgiving. Your kids will love showing off their basket at dinner time. All you need is craft sticks and glue. For a [...]

Mom’s Sweet Stuffing

Every year millions of people make turkey and stuffing. Most just make the normal sage stuffing. Now that we live in the day and age of instant everything even our stuffing is instant. I am willing to bet that most people just grab a box or a bag of stuffing each year. I will admit [...]

Turkey Pot Pie

Okay, here is another recipe to use up your turkey leftovers just like I promised. This is another big favorite in my house. Everyone is happy when I make a pot pie. I seldom make just a small one in a pie pan I usually make more pie crust and make a big one in [...]

Turkey Asparagus Bake

Okay, I promised you more Thanksgiving leftover recipes so here is another one. This one is possibly my favorite one. Do not forget to keep checking for more. The Sauce 6 tablespoons butter 1 onion diced 6 tablespoons flour 1 cup turkey broth 2 cups milk 5 tablespoons Dijon mustard In a medium sauce pan [...]

Thanksgiving Casserole

I love Thanksgiving but I love the leftovers more. For years I have been coming up with new ways to use the leftovers. I decided that for the next couple of posts I will do some of my leftover recipes. The first day after Thanksgiving there are the most leftovers so I do a kind [...]

Thanksgiving Fun & Games

So what will your family be doing on Thanksgiving? For most families Thanksgiving means lots and lots of football. Some kids love football and others have no interest in it. A great holiday gathering can turn very bad, very fast if kids get bored. A great holiday with family is when you keep kids occupied [...]

How Do You Turkey?

Turkey day is getting closer and closer. I can not wait to eat me some turkey. We still are not too sure what we will be doing that day but I know we will be making a turkey even if we do not have Thanksgiving here. Moving all the time means that we never really [...]

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